What details need to be paid attention to during the sandbox model making process


First of all, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction part, the building should be highly restored, according to the drawings, the color, structure, bricks and tiles should be done well, and can not be ignored. The texture of the building wall should be expressed, and the balcony, window, etc. should be well grasped. Building is a valuable part of the sand table. A good sandbox model is made up of the architecture, the curve of the building, and the architecture is very important.

Then, to the commercial street section, the commercial street should pay attention to the small cars on the street, the supporting facilities of the large shopping malls, the parking lots, the people coming and going, the advertising posters of the shopping malls, etc. These details also determine the victory or defeat, and the details can be better. The business atmosphere is brought out.

In the environmental part, the environment is very large, and it is worth noting that there are many localities. On the road, trees, trees, outdoor parks, lakes, pavilions, health passages, etc., according to the requirements of the project, some physical buildings are carved on the ground; greening should be as realistic as possible, the forest has bumps, different Types; ripple effect on the lake surface, now foreign companies create a water cycle equipment, can join the real sand table, cooperate with the light effect, create a sparkling feeling.

Part of the light, including street lights, building lights, pay attention to the lights for a long time, easy to burn, short circuit, to do a unified switch, controlled by computer program, turn off the lights every five minutes for one minute. The model constantly expresses the designer's understanding of the design concept in the process of visualizing the integration of shape, color, size and raw materials. In order to communicate with the engineering and technical personnel, to discuss, evaluate, and further adjust, modify and improve the design plan, verify the rationality of the design plan to provide an effective reference. It also provides a sufficient and effective basis for the production of prototypes and products for the production of prototypes.

The function of building model manufacturing is not a simple appearance or structural shape. The essence of model manufacturing is the idea, method and process of designing an invention. It is a comprehensive invention activity and an indispensable part of the new product development process.