What should be paid attention to during the sandbox model making process?


The manufacture of the sand table model is also a technical activity full of knowledge. The so-called thousand-mile embankment collapses in the ant hole, and the details determine the success or failure. The following small series will explain in detail the four details of the sand table model making and manufacturing neglect.

1. Pay attention to the sand table model and the share of the things. Different constructions have different requirements for sandbox model production. For example, the share of sandbox model production in personal residence is 1:50, and the average high-rise sandbox model production share is between 1:50 and 1:200. With regard to large-scale urban design, sandbox models for these larger construction areas in high-end residential areas can be made between 1:3000 and 1:5000. Therefore, selecting different sand table model production shares according to different construction objects is the most important task for us to make sand table model making.

2. Pay attention to the color and texture of the sand table model. In daily life, we will find that the picture on the computer and the color of the picture printed by the practice are different. This is because the color on the computer is in RGB form, and the practice printing is YCMK. The color form is printed, so the color of the practice picture will be different from the picture on the computer. Therefore, we can't use the computer's action map to color the sand table model according to the favorable situation of the textbook. We should combine the previous experience, correct accounting correction and perfect the color expression of the sand table model to improve the sand table model making. The texture.

3. Master the degree of environmental recovery. Our real resilience to the environmental scene has a messy requirement. It can't recover 100% in full, and can't completely describe the environment with its own feelings against the real situation. For example, there may be a large park in the real environment. There are hundreds of flowers of different colors and postures in the park, and the trees are shaded and neatly arranged with the same variety of trees. If we completely restore this park in the sand table model making, the sand table model production will appear chaotic, the scene has no artistic conception, we must be concise and orderly, full of artistic conception under the premise of ensuring authenticity, giving one Seeing that this scene is reflected in the sandbox model and where the focus is.

4, the choice of sand table model making materials. Paper jam is a commonly used material for making sand table models. Generally, a single-layer white card is used for the grass mold, and a double-layer white card is used for the positive mold. The foamed styrene paper is used for the research of the sand table model, the plexiglass is suitable for the outer surface, and the plastic plate is used for the large Formal sand table model making.