How to maintain a good sand table model


How can we protect the sandbox model? First of all, when selecting a model company before making a sand table, we must consider this problem. This problem belongs to the after-sales service field. Try to choose a company with more reliable after-sales service. This can handle a lot of post-protection problems for you, limited by The company's strength, the general small model company does not have a good after-sales service, if the customer finds such a company to make a model, if there is a quality problem later, it will be very troublesome and costly.

If there is a delay in the manufacturing company's late payment fee, if not, they may not be as simple as repairing it, especially in the field, it is very troublesome, and travel expenses are very expensive in all aspects, so the good way to prevent this situation is Choose a model manufacturing company that is strong and has after-sales protection! For our company, we promise a one-year warranty, lifetime repair, four free dust removal per year, but due to model quality problems (non-human factors) during the warranty period, no matter the province is still outside the province, we ensure 24 Hours to repair free! So choosing a good model company is critical.

Secondly, some sandbox models, such as government-related units to entertain the nature, or in the exhibition hall, if the glass cover is made at the time of manufacture, will prevent the protection problem in the late stage, and the quality of the model is not problematic. Under the premise, the protection of Zui is dust removal. It is a very good method to cover the glass cover. The glass cover does not cost much.

If you really find a model manufacturing company that has no after-sales, the disk has also been done, and there is no glass cover. What should the dust be? There is no way, there are also, vacuum cleaners can generally find, you can also suck, the marginal part you can easily clean up, but the middle hand can not get the local how to do, this needs to pay attention to, take the good quality sand table In other words, the base is made of steel structure and high-density board. In some local areas, people can stand up to no problem and can accept it. However, some locals must not step on it. Therefore, you need to call to make a manufacturing situation. Which local area can step on, which local can not step on, this is the problem of late protection needs.