What are the main application areas of the digital sand table model?


The digital sandbox model is a combination of multimedia digital skills and traditional sandbox concepts. This is the revolutionary innovation of the sandbox range. Compared with the traditional sandbox model, the digital sandbox model is more interactive and authentic. The sand table has long been used only for military purposes. With the development of technology, the digital sandbox model has also been chosen by other industries. The following is a brief introduction to several applications of the digital sandbox model. The digital sandbox model is mainly used in the following four aspects:

I. Urban Design Exhibition Hall

The Urban Design Gallery showcases the city's past and present design, as well as the digital beach table model in the design hall. The center is one of the good exhibitions of the city that showcases the blueprint for urban development. The traditional sand table model can be the real epitome of the city, and the audience can see the sand table at a glance. For traditional sandboxes, only the current or future plans are generally presented. If you need to visualize them at the same time, you need two or more models, but the digital sandbox model breaks the traditional sandbox response with 3D animation skills. It can be a real way to show the gradual establishment of the city, which is a thousand years.

The digital sandbox model deals with the limitations of traditional models and has been widely used.

2. Real estate sales hall

The real estate showroom uses a digital sandbox model. The digital sandbox model often cooperates with the interactive system. After visual 3D, the audience is immersed in the visual transformation to better display the real estate in front of the audience, so that the customer can feel their living environment early and greatly increase the desire to purchase.

three. Military use

Sandboxes began to be used in military campaigns. As a sand table, the digital sandbox model can be used naturally for military command. Compared with the traditional sandbox, the digital sandbox model is more realistic, so the commander will not have more information or terrain errors being misjudged. The modern battle is a skill battle, and its accuracy is getting higher and higher, and the distance is thousands of miles away.

Four. Corporate showroom

The corporate digital showroom is a good channel to showcase the charm of the company. The digital sandbox model not only better demonstrates the company's development and the size of the corporate pavilion. This is also a means to enhance corporate image.