Whether it is necessary for the building model to carry out preliminary planning


Before building a building model, we need floor plans, elevations, renderings, and model manufacturing requirements. Production styles, floor plans, and elevations are good CAD so that the model can be depicted in more detail. In order to maximize the characteristics of the building.

It is also important to understand the overall style of the building. The model shows the characteristics of the scene, architectural style, garden and so on. You can't do whatever you want. If you have special requirements, you can do it according to the customer's requirements. To create a landscape model, it is necessary to harmonize the scene with the architecture, use the plant scene to express the characteristics of the building, participate in the colorful light in the garden, and present a fashionable, romantic and romantic modern living space.

The performance of light is strictly in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the production project planning drawings, according to the project's planning characteristics and planning style, through the real visual effects. Lighting, inventing a bright building. The role of the prosperous architectural model is to fully demonstrate the orientation of the project, the surrounding environment, architectural features, architectural style, and make the model more perfect. Pre-planning is an essential part.

The building model is a bridge that can be used in practice. The architectural shape reflects people's feelings about space and architecture, plane and three dimensions, and is the basic premise for planning sketches. Architectural model planning brings new and valuable modeling ideas to beginners and experienced modelers. The planning of the building model shows that the model is made of cardboard and the thickness of the wall is made of connectors. The window cloth, the base and the stairs are more delicate, the columns of the pillars are more realistic, the roof part is made of cardboard bottles, and the color comparison of white paper and red paper is also reasonable. The color of the original building is comparable.