Tips for improving the construction of sandbox models for building


The construction sand table model is displayed in the information of various exhibitions and exhibition halls due to the display method of visual scene reproduction. The construction sandbox model of each theme does not appear, and the production level of the model makers needs to be continuously improved. The progress in the production process and production technology of the construction sand table model is the customary shopping mall development demand, so that the talents continue to improve the production level. The following design of the Qianqian model design summarizes some of the following methods for improving the building sandbox model making skills.

1. The construction sand table model making skills and new production methods are all explored and summarized in the continuous practice. Only by constantly summing up the experience and improving the production process and production skills, talents get a new production process and production skills. So we can try different techniques to make improvements on the production model.

2. There are many components in the construction sand table model, such as trees, lawns, and construction. The manufacturing methods and production methods of these components are unique. Therefore, more detailed production is required in the production, and every component is made to be perfect, but don't forget to explore the new manufacturing technology.

3. Regarding the color, it is necessary to carefully check the color system required by the project, and control the color of the light and the data. The coloring time is consistent with flexibility, and the available color can be slightly deeper or lighter. Reach accurate colors and ratios. Debugging a light that fits the needs and reconciliation of the exhibitor is the top priority of the construction sandbox model.

4. The construction of the sandbox model is a relatively complicated work, involving more content, and the degree of simulation and production ratio are more accurate. In order to improve your own production skills, you can practice your skills on the abandoned model sand table.

5. The construction sand table model is a production technology work that is continuously summarized and transformed. Therefore, after making a construction sand table model, the production skills in some new fields should be absorbed and absorbed to prevent the next type of model from being used. The trick. As for the production of things, it is necessary to carry out standard use reasonably, so that the components of the sand mold can be simulated by Zui Dahua.