Model design company analyzes what is the construction sand table model


There are many varieties of models, metal models, construction sand table models, wooden models, and so on. Different models have different characteristics. The following is a model of the construction sand table by Shenzhen Juqianjing Model Design Co., Ltd.

There are many different types of architectural models when designing a building model. Different building models have different characteristics and different materials are used. Different architectural models are also used in different situations. The construction sand table model is an expression of the system, process, thing or concept of the study. It can also refer to samples made according to the test or pattern enlargement or reduction. It is generally used for exhibition or testing or casting machine parts.

In military-themed movies and TV works, we often see commanders standing in front of a terrain model to discuss combat plans. This type of model based on topographic maps, aerial photographs or field topography, constructed with sediment, war chess and other materials, is a model of the construction sand table. The construction sand table model is divided into a simple construction sand table model and a long-term construction sand table model. The simple construction sand table model is temporarily piled up on the site with sediment and war chess; the long-term construction sand table model is made of foam plastic board (or plywood), gypsum powder, pulp and other materials, which can be stored for a long time. The construction sand table model has the characteristics of strong three-dimensionality, intuitive image, simple manufacture, and economical usefulness. The construction sand table model is widely used to visually display the terrain of the combat area, indicating the composition of the enemy's position, the deployment of troops and the configuration of weapons. Military commanders often use to study topography, enemy situations, and operational plans, organize coordinated actions, perform tactical drills, discuss war cases, and summarize operational experience. The construction sand table model is also commonly used to create models for economic development design and large-scale engineering construction. Its image is intuitive and popular among planners and engineers.

In terms of mind treatment and detection, the construction sand table model is widely used to find and solve mental problems. Under the guidance of the doctor, the subject or the testee sets the situation in the construction sand table model according to his own wishes. The doctor of the mind judges something about the mind based on the plot or appearance of the patient.

In many real estate developer companies and commercial housing sales departments or some design and decoration design exhibitions, you can see a variety of boutique display architectural models, these models can be said to be the core items in the entire display space. These are made of plastic PVC steel alloy mud ceramics and other things to become the focus of attention, which can be seen behind the scenes behind the scene. Some people who are not in the line think that a material with no useful performance is good, and it is really important to do it. Yes, this is very important.