Maintenance tips for digital sandbox models


Samples made in a reduced share according to architectural design or design concept using materials that are easy to process. The Shenzhen architectural model is a means of expressing the appearance and spatial relationship of a building or group of buildings in an architectural design. For modern buildings with advanced technology, complex functions and rich artistic shapes, it is especially necessary to use models to design and create the Shenzhen digital sand table model .

In the preliminary design, the design phase of the design, the manufacturing model can be simplified for processing and disassembly. Materials such as sludge, cardboard and plastic can be used. After the preliminary design is completed, a more refined model, the presentation model (see figure), can be created for validation of the design. The presentation model not only requires the performance of the building to be close to the real share, shape, color, texture and design environment, but also reminds the interior space, interior furnishings and structure, structure of the building room. The display model is generally made of materials such as wood, plywood, plastic plates, plexiglass and metal sheets. The model is created to achieve the concept and concept of performance design.

The digital sandbox model is still very cumbersome to manufacture. It is basically a small building complex, so it is extremely valuable after it is built. Therefore, it is necessary to add more care and maintenance after the completion, so that the application time of the model can be increased. Long time. The following Shenzhen digital sand table model tells us about the maintenance method of the digital sand table model.

1. After the digital sandbox model is completed, there is a process of transportation and transportation. In this process, special personnel must be disassembled and installed, and it should be protected from direct sunlight and exposure to sunlight.

2, the room temperature should be controlled at around 35, the error is too large, the indoor humidity should be controlled at 30%~80%, and the indoors should be kept clean and well ventilated.

3. If the digital sandbox model does not have a glass cover, it must be cleaned frequently.

4. The lights of the digital sand table model should not be open for a long time.

5, some digital sand table models will have a real water fountain, this model must always check whether there is water in the fountain pool