How do you know the real estate sand table model?


1) Collect drawings and confirm the plan.

According to the customer's plan, elevation, renderings and real estate sand table model requirements, develop a real estate sand table model manufacturing plan.

2) Manufacturing a real estate sandbox model chassis.

The table of the sand table is manufactured according to the layout plan and the proportion of the sand table. The table is generally made into a billiard table. If it is a large sand table, it must be made into several small tables and put together.

3) Painting of the board.

The painting department sprays the corresponding color paint according to the color of the high-rise drawing, sprays it on the corresponding PVC board, and sends it to the design department for engraving.

4) Real estate parts processing

The design department proportionally designs the structure of the high-rise building according to the construction drawing, and decomposes it into different plates on the computer. According to the requirements of the construction, the pattern of the wall surface, the tile edge of the roof, the window, etc. are designed, and then sent to the engraving machine in PVC. The plate of the tall building was engraved on the board and sent to the manufacturing department for manufacture.

5) Real estate

According to the high-rise panels sent by the design department, the manufacturing department glues the PVC panels into the general shape of the tall building with chloroform according to the instructions and bonding methods. The shape of the window is directly engraved on the PVC board, and the thin and transparent plexiglass plate is adhered to the inner window as the glass of the window.

6) Scenery manufacturing

According to the table and floor plan made by the assembly department, the layout department divides the layout on the table, uses green suede wallpaper as the grass to stick to the green area, the large hole sponge is dipped in green paint, and the strip is used as a green belt. Stick to the small shrub area. If there are water and lakes in the layout, you can use corrugated plexiglass panels, spray the lake blue paint on the back, and cut the shape of the river or lake into the corresponding orientation. If there is a high ground, the plexiglass plate or the PVC plate layer can be stacked and trimmed, and then the paint is filled to fill the gap, dried and covered with grass. Glued into the road with gray adhesive paper, and carved with a white adhesive tape into the road markings.

7) Manufacture of small parts

The manufacturing department peels the copper wire and twists the copper wire into the shape of a trunk and sprays it with paint. Ordinary sponge dipping paint, destroyed after drying, dipping the branches of the trunk, sticking the broken sponge, and making the tree. If it is a green tree, the sponge can be immersed in green paint. If it is an autumn tree, it can be dipped in orange paint. The willows can be twisted into trunks and branches with a 0.2mm enameled wire, and then the green velvet ends are glued to the branches. The pine tree cuts the thick fish line into thin sections, clamps it with a clip, and then clamps the two 0.5mm enameled wires to the hinges. When the clip is released, it becomes the shape of the pine tree, trimmed, and glued to the green wool thread. . Other flowers can be made by cutting and dyeing with dried flowers. Use a medical cotton swab or toothpick to make a street light. The foam can be carved into the shape of a rock with a blade and sprayed with paint.

8) Assembly and integration

The landscape department will arrange the flowers and trees and high-rise buildings sent by the manufacturing department to the corresponding places. According to the orientation of each high-rise building, the assembly department punches and installs small lanterns to make the interior of the high-rise real estate sandbox model shine, as if the lighting effect is achieved, and the line is connected. The design department engraves the logos and characters of the tall buildings and roads, and makes small signs, which are stuck in the corresponding orientation.