What are the methods for distinguishing the quality of a building sand table model?


Judging method for the quality of Shenzhen construction sand table model

1. Building: This building is very popular. It is this building. First, there should be no traces of sanding and stitching at the joints of the various structures of the building. Construction should be carried out in accordance with the construction drawing or CAD.

2, color: color should be completely colored according to the effect picture, can not be color casting, if a single building has no renderings, can rely on the company's real estate sand table model technicians to draw, but must be realistic.

3, the environment: the environment is usually green, first of all, whether the green style fits the local environment, if not, then it can not be a good environment, such as cultivated coconut trees in the north, sand table, etc., a little south second, this is the green ring Whether the arrangement is simple and clean, it makes people look very comfortable. After that, it will focus on the level of detail of the process, and not cut corners.

4, photoelectric: optoelectronics is light, mainly to support the effect, the primary lighting layout should be reasonable, the community will use the Wanhao lamp, commercial buildings use bright, environmentally friendly lights, and green to form a tacit understanding.

5, the base: the base is the base, mainly to see if it matches the floor or wall of the exhibition hall or sales department, whether there is a sense of atmosphere.