How to make the circuit of the construction sand table model?


The dazzling architectural sandbox model is essential for the indication of the lamp. The design and production of the lighting is an important part of the construction of the sandbox model. The lighting of the building sandbox model is essential for the production of the circuit. Then, how to make the sandbox model Lighting and circuit. What? Shenzhen model of the Qianjing model design Xiaobian model for everyone to introduce!

How to make lights and circuits for building sandbox models?

1, construction sand table model lighting: production

The model lights of the sand table mainly include building lights, lamp environment, garden lights, street lights, etc. Generally speaking, buildings have different brightness and different colors of light, different functional buildings are separated by lights. Garden lights are beautiful. High-light survey light. Considering the visualization ability, it can fully expand the proportion. It is necessary to select the main road for street lamps. The street lamps need to be located on both sides of the road; the environmental lights should be embedded in the green plexus, and the flower pool is filled with a high-gloss color background.

2, construction sand table model circuit production:

The lights in the construction sandbox model come from electricity. There are many types of electrical energy sources, such as batteries, batteries and solar cells. The detailed selection of the power supply depends on the detailed conditions of the model. In general, the lights in the construction sandbox model are remotely controlled. Used to control the system. Each button on the remote controls a specific light partition, such as the button used to control the building light: No. 1, the No. 2 button for controlling the ground light.

The above refers to how to produce the lighting and circuit of the construction sand table model. It is necessary to rely on the power circuit for the lighting design. When making the construction sand table model, it is necessary to save the hole to install the power line. Generally, the transformer or battery is generally positioned. Inside the chassis, it More beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to weld the holes and lamps that connect the power supply with the welding machine on site.