Analyze the process flow of building model making


Building model production can be roughly divided into four parts: building unit manufacturing, chassis manufacturing, landscape manufacturing, and cloth layout. The following small series will teach you the specific steps and methods of building model building.

Specific steps and methods for building model production:

First, the construction of building monomer: building monomer manufacturing is generally manufactured according to the design drawings, there are mainly six steps:

1. Plane differentiation of building elements, and draw lines on selected ABS sheets.

2. Cut according to the line drawn.

3. After the cut components are assembled, it is necessary to make full use of the square to measure the combination to ensure the manufacturing precision.

4. After the combination is formed, the joint is polished.

5. After all the building units have been assembled, all modifications will be made one by one.

6. Color processing the building monomer.

Second, chassis manufacturing: the chassis of the building model should be considered comprehensively based on factors such as drawings and signs. In general, the chassis dimensions of a building model are determined by the placement and content of the model's title, as well as the type of model and architectural theme. The raw materials for the manufacture of the chassis should be based on the size of the manufacturing model and the end use of the Zui. At present, the materials that are generally used to manufacture the chassis are light-weight boards, plywood boards, multi-layer boards, and the like.

Third, the production of landscapes: the architectural model of the scenery generally includes: trees, swimming pools, rockeries, street lights, fences and so on. Among them, the large amount of trees is produced, mainly for the treatment of street trees. There are many methods for making and selecting trees. Generally, foam, Anwar, paper and other raw materials are used.

Fourth, the cloth plate: the cloth disk is the first to carry out the manufacture of the disk road network and large area green space. After the manufacturing is completed, the seed tree can be carried. The first thing to do is to place the building code on the plate and determine the orientation and density of the tree based on the actual conditions of the building. After the planting of the street trees is completed, the manufacturing and positioning of the scenery can be carried out. At the end, the building elements are positioned.

After the layout is completed, it will be organized and adjusted. The overall adjustment is mainly based on the actual visual role, adjusting the relationship between the local and the whole without changing the guidelines of the whole program. Ensure that the building model has a good effect, and adjust the caustic soda to be separated. Because of continuous manufacturing, it may cause visual fatigue and numbness, which is unfavorable for the overall adjustment. After the overall adjustment, the model was completely manufactured.