Which fields often use the digital sandbox model


The digital sand table model is a sandbox system that integrates multiple sound and light components. It has the characteristics of wide display, exquisite design, advanced display means and high-tech content. The sandbox has a control system that contains overall control. Lighting, lighting, computers, televisions, consoles and air conditioning systems in the hall are pre-positioned. The compiled operating program runs automatically, from turning on the power to closing the power supply, without manual control, and running automatically.

The emergence of the digital sandbox model has greatly improved the limitations of traditional sandboxes, fully demonstrating the characteristics of content information and location. The digital sandbox model has brought a wealth of information and vivid images to visitors through high technology. According to industry classification, the digital sand table model is divided into urban design sand table, real estate digital sand table model, military sand table, traffic sand table, sand table for tourist attractions, etc. The digital sandbox models commonly found in our life should be divided into the following three categories. The following small series will introduce us in detail.

Three common applications for the digital sandbox model:

1. Urban design digital sandbox model:

Urban development and design itself is a rather cumbersome task, and it is more difficult for the general audience to have a clear understanding of urban design information. At this time, the emergence of the digital sandbox model dealt with this problem. The urban design digital sandbox model demonstrates the city's architecture and design architecture through three-dimensional animation skills, presenting the city's development in a concise manner.

2. Real estate digital sand table model:

The traditional monotonous sales office can no longer meet the needs of customers, no one is willing to stay in the dry sales office to see those dry models. The competition between the industries has been very intense. At this time, real estate developers will also use the digital sand table model in the real estate exhibition hall, and the digital sand table model often cooperates with the interactive system, and the visual stereoscopic visual conversion allows the audience to sink into it. The beautiful side of the building will be perfectly displayed in front of the audience, allowing customers to feel their living environment early and greatly enhance their purchasing desire.

3. Traffic digital sand table model:

Traffic conditions have always been the focus of attention. The traffic lines are complicated, and there are many unexpected incidents on the road, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the traffic command work. The digital sand table model can reflect the various road conditions of the headquarters in time. Through the digital sand table model, the headquarters can see the real situation on the spot and conduct timely and effective visual command processing.