Is there a disadvantage in the low-cost digital sandbox model?


What are the disadvantages of the low-cost digital sandbox model ? We know that if you want to buy a house, you will first choose to look at the model of the real estate in the sales center. The digital sandbox model is a project that people can see at a glance, and it is also compared with the designer and the consumer. Direct communication. But nowadays, the market competitiveness of the digital sandbox model is very fierce. Many businesses will try their best to attract customers and fight the price war. So, what is the disadvantage of the low-cost digital sandbox model?

1. Poor quality: In order to minimize operating costs, many digital sandbox models manufactured at low prices use defective manufacturing materials, coupled with low-precision carvings, rough walls, easy deformation, foaming and fading. Enterprises and customers talk about low prices, and enterprises have to make a living, so reducing the cost of data manufacturing, companies have profit margins.

2, the artificial technical level is low, the craft is very rough.

3, safety and assurance imperfections: low-cost digital sandbox model, circuit system cut corners, high repair rate, will lead to fire accidents; and low-cost digital sand table model after-sales stability is poor, for later protection Many are inconvenient.

Because the digital sandbox model is different from the items on the assembly line, it can have the same scale and style. They have different shapes and even different personalities. Each model has its own soul, its own life. In addition to the attributes given by nature. It also contains the sweat and sweat of our manufacturing staff. The model has now surpassed the field of products in our eyes, with the characteristics of works and works of art.

The above is about the disadvantages of the low-cost digital sandbox model. It is said that “a penny is a piece of goods”, those with low prices are useful for those that are unqualified or defective. And the content inside the digital sandbox model is very simple to make, and the carving is not much horizontal, so the lifespan need not be said. Therefore, when we are selecting, we must go through deep investigations and consultations to avoid serious consequences. Form unnecessary losses.