What parts of a good building sand table model need to be included


A good building sand table model , not only depends on its architectural part, the overall layout of the structure and the environment, the decoration of the decoration of the pieces is the key. First of all, we must understand the main points of the entire sand table, and spend some of the key points in it to make the whole sand table have a good structure. Shenzhen Juqianjing summed up the following four points:

First of all: the building part of the building is the most valuable part of the sand table. A good sand table first depends on the architecture, the curve of the building, and the structure is very important. Therefore, the buildings in the sand table should be highly restored. According to the drawings, the structure and the color are even fine to one brick and one tile. The Ruifeng model company is particularly fond of the details, so the talent is so agile. The texture of the building wall should be expressed, and the balcony, window, etc. should be mastered.

The second point: the commercial street in the sandbox of the commercial street should pay attention to the car on the street, the supporting equipment of the large shopping mall, the parking lot, the people coming and going, the advertising posters of the shopping mall, etc. These details also determine the success or failure, and deal with the details. Talent is better to bring out the business atmosphere.

The third point: the environment part of the environment part of the environment is very large, and many of the central areas worthy of attention. Roads in the air, woods and trees, wild parks, lakes, pavilions, health passages, etc. The environment is paved according to the requirements of the project. Some physical properties are carved in the air; the greenery should be as realistic as possible, the trees are up and down, there are different Variety; ripple effect on the lake surface, now domestic enterprises create a water circulation device, can participate in the end of the sand table, cooperate with the light effect, create a sparkling feeling.

The fourth point: the part of the light part of the light contains street lights, the building lights, pay attention to the lights for a long time to lightly burn, short circuit, to do a consistent switch, controlled by the computer sequence, turn off the lights every five minutes for one minute.