What factors will be decisive for the construction sand table model?


The huge market demand for the model has prompted the birth of many model manufacturing plants, and it has also made it difficult for real estate developers to make accurate selections in the selection model. There are many aspects of model manufacturing companies to consider when selecting. So, can these buyers buy the model sandbox below the cost? What are the disadvantages of the price building sand table model? Below, Shenzhen Juqianjing Model Design Co., Ltd. simply analyzes for us:

First, the sand table classification: Common sand tables include sand trays, garden sand tables, projection sand tables, digital sand tables, and interactive electronic sand tables. Different sandbox types are different in the materials used in manufacturing, the materials consumed, the time, the manpower and the equipment cost. The complex sandbox is relatively higher in technology, and the quotation is naturally higher.

Second, the size of the sand table: different sizes of building sand table models consume different materials, large-scale construction sand table model manufacturing consumes more materials and consumes more. This is why the quotation of large-scale construction sandbox models is usually much higher than that of small-scale construction sandbox models.

Third, the manufacturing materials: the materials used to make the sand table are also graded, good materials can make the construction sand table model reach a very good display. When deciding on the type of sand table, the selection of materials becomes especially critical. The quality of the materials is also much more expensive than the low-grade materials, which greatly affects the price of the sand table.

Fourth, the process technology: different sandbox types are also used in the manufacturing methods are different, the traditional process manufacturing method and electronic building sand table model manufacturing is also very different in the manufacturing process. Different manufacturers have different bumps in the manufacturing process, and good craftsmen have more rewards, which also increases the cost of the manufacturing company, which leads to price differences in the construction sand table model.

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