What are the real estate sand table models that need attention?


The real estate sand table model generally refers to the three-dimensional model of the entire project, including the traffic around the project, beautifying the environment and other information, as well as the supporting of the project itself, the orientation information of each region, functional differentiation and so on. In recent years, the sand table model has been used more and more in the real estate field. Many sales centers have real sand tables, which greatly enhances people's intuitive feelings after the completion of the future real estate, and is increasingly loved by developers and customers. The work of the sand table model as a supporting work in the real estate industry is also agile, and the sand table model has quietly become one of the essential things in the sales center.

Real estate is different from ordinary products, and can be moved to the corresponding position for presentation at any time. In the sale of the building, the staff needs to bring the customer to the corresponding address to enjoy, except for the time cost and cost. If the real estate is still under construction, the content that can be visually displayed to the customer is very limited, and most of the other information obtained by the customer. It was in the introduction of the sales staff to open up the illusion, so that the real estate display was greatly discounted. In recent years, real estate prices have been rising. Especially in first-tier cities, real estate prices are more expensive. They often require people to spend years and even a lifetime of savings. Once the real estate is built, it can generally be used for more than 50 years.

Therefore, people are more cautious in selecting real estate, and many factors are considered, such as surrounding environment, supporting equipment, greening rate, traffic, floor area ratio and so on. Real estate is not as uniform as cars and TVs produced in factories. Every house has its own common features. Even if the buildings are designed in the same way, their orientation, terrain, orientation, horizon and surrounding environment are also there. Different. Therefore, when selling real estate, it is necessary to let customers truly feel or experience the location and advantages of the real estate.

Model making is appropriate and exquisite. If you want the perfect display of the model, you will have beautiful requirements. The landscape environment is a model feature. Therefore, the model environment is equipped with severe design according to the design plan, according to the high of the project. Poor, severely produced according to the garden design, showing the natural environment of the park, all the beautification of the use of imported special model turf, grass powder, trees, villains, cars and other decoration.