Do you understand the routine of the real estate sand table model?


Routine 1: Real estate sand table model building share will be wider than practice share

Many home buyers will respond: Why is my community road so narrow, the real estate sand table model can be wide and transparent! 90% of the real estate sand table model is to expand the distance of the building, exaggerated building distance is also a kind of developer Promotional techniques, the spacious community is very attractive.

In order to attract the eye of buyers, most developers will adjust the building distance of the real estate sand table model, and expand the beautification effect between the building and the building, the road and the road. Of course, 10% of the reason is that buyers often look at the real estate sand table model from the perspective of looking up, which will also constitute a visual illusion of "wider distance."

Routine 2: Garbage stations, substations, chemical plants are invisible

The real estate sand table model goes upstairs to the basic equipment, except for some supporting facilities for the community, such as supermarkets, stations, parks, the vacancies around the community, regardless of any construction, are replaced with green trees. It seems that the community seems to be coiled by a green forest.

Routine 3: Say good surrounding supporting practices but no

In the sales department, many property consultants always point to the real estate sand table model and vowed that in the future, this property will introduce many living packages. The relevant laws stipulate that the developer's interpretation of the detailed scenes in the real estate sandbox model model is effective, and the real estate outside is invalid, and can not be touched. That is to say, even if there is no such equipment outside the real estate, the developer does not inform, and the buyer cannot sue the developer for fraud.


Looking at the real estate sand table model is not as much as asking the practice data, measuring the feelings on the spot, seeing whether the planning of the community is reasonable, and paying special attention to the planning equipment that has no influence on the neighborhood. Buyers should understand the equipment on the real estate sand table model and the construction drawings.